Weblog Tipping Point

I’ve received a link in the weblog tip chain from Andrew, which works like so:

  1. Choose three or more bloggers you admire and link to them.
  2. List three reasons why you admire each one
  3. Add one tip for each blogger.

Here’s a random selection of three out of the many writers (sorry, I still refuse to use the word “blogger” too gratuitously) I link to:

Locusts and Honey. (1) Lots of insight into the world of Methodist weblogs. While I was in Baltimore, I regulary attended at Old Otterbein UMC for a time, and am still fascinated by UMC history. (2) Art! Ever since he highlighted Christ in the Wilderness, I’ve regularly checked in on him for more “Sermons on Canvas” and art-related stuff. Having a painter for a girlfriend is a factor. (3) Caption Contests. Tip: Break out of the 19th Century Neoclassical movement and try checking out some Middle Ages stuff. You ever visit DC, I’ll take you through the National Gallery’s Early Renaissance wing.

I Am Sparticus. (1) Sparticus (real name Mark) often writes on Christianity-oriented topics with a pithy sense of wit. I gain from many of his posts a unique perspective on aspects of faith which I would otherwise take for granted. Like how many Reformed Points various theologians are worth. (2) This pithy wit is often applied to other things, not necessarily faith-oriented, like how to take a MySpace photo. (3) Seeing photos of him and friends at pubs gives me some perspective on just how out of touch with Scripture and real life teetotalling prohiBaptists are. Tip: No more pubs! Know ye not the dangers of strong drink, oh ye alcoholic Britons!

Talk With the Preacher. (1) As the woman Baptist Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Downtown DC, she has a thoughtful response to those who say women can’t be pastors. (2) She regularly has coffee with our pastor at First Baptist DC to talk about lectionary stuff. See, there they are. (3) The Marble System. Tip: Please go ahead and cite your Scriptural proof texts for women as ministers. Bullet-pointed proof text verses are the Baptist conversational currency!

Those of you linked, go right ahead and follow the “tipping point” instructions. I’ll wait here while you do that. Tipping Point Honorable Mentions also go out to: Internet Monk, Real Live Preacher, Sacra Doctrina, OKCalvin, Dispatches from Outland, Cre8d Design, El Caballo Muerto, Novum Testamentum and Mosaic Life, WallJM, and all the rest of you.