Newbay FoneBlog

The mobile blog gets a lot of attention, but I have trouble updating it, since the AIM Bloggerbot rarely works anymore. I’m constantly on the lookout for a better mobile blogging solution: one which will not require me to upgrade my current mobile plan, subscribe to some add-on wireless internet packages, buy new equipment, or spend additional money in any way. Another Blogger API-enabled AIM-bot or an SMS solution would be nice.

Newbay’s FoneBlog looks like an excellent solution. If T-Mobile gets it, and the package allows posting to a remote page, that would be perfect.


  1. Jason Wall says:

    Since my cms is custom built, i’ve considered just adding a wml portal to my admin site. On first inspection of the idea, it appears that you need a special server to serve wml to a WAP enabled browser. But if that option was available, building the form would be pretty easy, as the server side code wouldn’t change, and WML is an extremely simplified derivitive of XML and HTML.

  2. Jason Wall says:

    In fact, upon further research, setting up a webserver to serve WML is as easy as getting 3-5 MIME types added. All major servers allow this pretty easily.

    if you want to use .asp or .php files to serve wap content, then all you have to do is set the content type to the appropriate value.