BlogMD Initiative

The blogs4God folk have been talking about this BlogMD Initiative for a couple of days now, and I thought it worth a Blogroots post. The “metadata standards” concept still eludes me, however; it sits just across the border of my experience between art and tech. I imagine it has something to do with integrating the data we transmit about our blogs and our blog posts, and how meta-content portals gather and interpret that data. Well, since this is a metadata initiative and not a “content watchers” proposal like the old JesusJournal fiasco, then it sounds pretty darn good, especially if it leads to more effective trackbacking apps and better meta-content portals. Check it out.


  1. The Dane says:

    There be just way too much jargon going around in the whole explanation thing for me – I didn’t understand a wit of it. Perhaps an educated layperson can explain the concept in the vernacular.

  2. Bene Diction says:

    I think it would be a shame if the discussion stayed on a tech level. I am starting to see good posts explaining the concept in basic user terms. Redwood Dragon and some others.

    I don’t fully grasp it either yet.

    What it will do is provide a standard so tracking like WLW or Eco Systems can measure any blog on any interface. I get that so far but more is involved. Blog on!

  3. The Dane says:

    Tracking of what? like blog updates? volume of words? visitors?

  4. Dean Peters says:

    Oh my! In NO WAY is blogsMD an attempt even remotely similar to various “manifestos” proposed about the web. All we’re doing is providing a way to narrow down and find blogs within someone’s cope of interest. If it helps, think of an API that produces end-products like DMOZ … or server products such as WebLogs … in fact, think of it as a gruesome car crash between the two that you can’t look away from !-)

  5. Anonymous says:

    API? DMOZ? end-products and server products? what are these things?

  6. Bene Diction says:

    See what I mean? The guys building this expect bloggers to understand what API, DMOZ Python etc is. Sigh.

    I think it is about a tech blog finding another tech blog. Blog on!