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Ghoulish Gulay

A bowl of “Ghoulish Gulay,” (GOO-Lie) actually just some good ol’ Filipino pakbet, Halloween-themed, with bagoong, sitaw, okra, and of course, kalabasa. (It really looks like that, even when it’s not Halloween.) Photo taken with an Aiptek Mini Pencam 1.3MP.

Buy Bush a PS2

It looks like GWBush is getting a Playstation 2, which the anti-war folk hope will get his mind off Iraq. They’re even throwing in an extra controller for Cheney. (Too bad the Secret Service will probably think it’s a bomb.)

Vintage Lumiere

Crisis Century class today was spent watching early Lumiere cinematographe films, with amusing voice-over commentary from Bertrand Tavernier. What a strange cultural odyssey, watching those silent, hand-cranked films from a century past.

Stacked Chairs

I’ve been publishing the fruit of a creative photographic streak from last week, and I’m especially proud of today’s picture, a macro shot down through the circle-grating of stacked metal chairs in the MICA Bunting Center cafe.

Happy Martin Luther Bobblehead Day

Happy Reformation Day / Halloween to you all. Why not check out some Mac-O-Lanterns? Or if your conscience lashes out against the trappings of Satanic idol feasts, then amuse yourselves with a Martin Luther Bobblehead. El Caballo Muerto, fresh from a pagan demon frolic, has taken issue with Mark Byron’s reflections on Christians and Halloween. […]

Proposed GMA Poster

If President Gloria were to use this campaign poster (warning: non-family-friendly content) in 2004, she would be a shoe-in for the presidency by a landslide. Even Erap and FPJ would vote for her. (Link via Cheesedip via Spunky Daisies.)

Comment Spam, Bagels, and Racist Aunts

Bad enough that we get email and IM spam; now our blogs have to worry about comment spam. I would no more buy products from a spammer than I would buy food from a grocery aisle sampler who insists on violently stuffing my mouth with truckloads of crackers and cheese against my will. The eminently […]

Peeling the Apple

The iBook is here! It doesn’t work. Defective power adapter and/or power supply; the thing doesn’t even start up. Warranty time. Now I’m cranky and peevish.


Crane and contrail form a synchronicitous trigon. Photo taken with an Aiptek Mini Pencam 1.3MP.

Holey Seat

Closeup of stacked chairs, MICA Bunting Center cafe. Photo taken with an Aiptek Mini Pencam 1.3MP.