Make Room!

As I mobile blogged earlier, one of our projects in Multimedia Typography class is to re-execute the opening sequence of a movie using principles of modern motion typography.

I chose Soylent Green, that famous sci-fi B-flick directed by Richard Fleischer, starring Charlton Heston and an old, post-McCarthyist, terminally ill Edward G. Robinson. I felt at first that the movie’s original title sequence, a series of quick-cutting stock-stills showing mankind’s progression from simplistic idyll to technological overload to post-apocalyptic decay, failed to capture or foreshadow in any way the supposed horror that “Soylent Green is People!”

And so, all weekend, I’ve been watching Soylent Green over and over and over — especially that title sequence. It’s actually quite powerful, and when I discovered that the original book on which the movie was based — Harry Harrison’s Make Room, Make Room! — was more about overpopulation than Soylent cannibalism, I realized that the original content of the story was expressed quite well through that chaotic collage of images.

Not to say that I won’t lean more towards the sensationalized Soylent Green part of it. I’ve already made an animated background in AfterEffects, showing a huge grid of green wafers. Mmm. People Biscuits, anyone?

I’ll have more commentary on the movie tomorrow. Must sleep now.


  1. Noelle says:

    Just to be disgusting… I wonder how Charlton Heston on a cracker would taste. >Xp

  2. Francis says:

    There’s a Saturday Night Live parody of the movie from about ten years ago, with Phil Hartman as the Charlton Heston character. Of course it might interfere with your work to have that comedy in your mind as you worked on the project.

    And it’s good to see that the semester’s going well for you.

  3. Raffy says:

    That’s so cool. You get to fool around with typography in a video/film/animation setting! I miss doing that.