Past Myst

Myst is a phenomenon like no other in the world of CD-ROM. That’s not a remarkable statement; CD-ROM is too new to have already had many phenomena. Mostly it’s had complaints and dire predictions — it’s too slow, it’s too expensive, it’s too clunky.

Guerrillas in the Myst. (Aug 1994) From Wired, a blast from the past; when the first Myst game had just been released and 4x CD-ROM drives were still an expensive novelty. Did you know the game’s creators were Christians, kids of a preacher?

“I guess the simple way is to say that we know how much work it took to create Myst, and how puny and unreal it is compared to the real world, and therefore how miraculous all of creation is. Matching our experience … it just makes us realize how great God is.”

There are copies of all three episodes of the game lying about the house; I’m looking forward to dusting them off and playing again.