McCann Erickson makes a stand

McCann-Erickson Philippines threatens an ad pullout in the face of increasingly distasteful content on Eat Bulaga and Magandang Tanghali Bayan.

I applaud the move. Watching Filipino noontime programming has always been, for me, a grating exercise in dismayed abhorrence. Shallow, primitive, even predatory humor is inflicted on hapless contestants debasing themselves for a few pesos, while rows of women decked out like strip dancers prance about poorly constructed cardboard sets. It is a freakish, farcical carnival of debasement and debauchery, and the thronging masses, knowing no better, lap it up and ask for more.

Hopefully this move by McCann will help boot them — the TV stations and the viewing public — out of that pandering swamp. Would that someone could do the same for Filipino movies. Or MTV’s Jackass.


  1. ailene says:

    Hear, hear!

    Distasteful is too nice a word.

  2. Raffy says:

    Sadly and quite pessimistically, I doubt that McCann’s move will change anything. If ever, it will simply open up extra commercial slots for purchase, allowing the network to further fuel its inanity.

    As for stupidity on TV, it’s realistic to believe that there are more stupid, shallow people in this world than there are intelligent, discerning people. And so long as cheap thrills can be made by uncaring profiteers for half the price, we should make ourselves comfortable for the long ride ahead.

    (Jackass: The Movie had a budget of $25 Million, most of which was probably spent in promotions. It’s now the #1 movie. [sigh])