Haberdi `Tol!

Happy 19th birthday to my little- er, younger brother Raymond, who also seems to be the 34th ranking “Candy Cutie.Naks naman, `tol.

Why don’t you Pinoy texters out there give his CandyMag rating a boost by SMS’ing CANDY QT VOTE Raymond Ordoveza to 2333 (Globe) or 211 (Smart)? Let’s see if the Pinoy blogosphere has enough power to make a celebrity out of him for his birthhday. O diba?


  1. ganns says:

    Well, he should be #33 in a matter of minutes. ;)

  2. valkyrie says:

    nye. i didn’t know you had a younger brother. now, if there was candy mag in our time, you’d be #30. hehehe!

  3. yen says:

    i didn;t know u had a younger brother.. he really looks a lot like you, tho ;p

    cute ha!

  4. Bam says:

    If this is for the September issue as the page states, they may not be recording votes anymore.

    Geez, I feel so old — wasn’t he just a wee little lad back in the days when we would fire up your old PC in Greenhills trying to get your planetarium software to show us the “Star of Bethlehem” planetary conjunction of ~4 BCE?