Teeny Flirting on the Subway

This morning on the subway: cute girl separates from her giggling gaggle, and plops down on the chair beside me. She is quite pretty: young, black, mid to late teens. She smiles and says, “Hi!” — almost as though greeting a five-year old.

I grin back. “Hi,” I say with mock shyness.

“So how old are you?” she asks, still smiling. This is beyond flirting!

My grin is even wider. “I’m twenty-six.”

Her eyes as big as dinner plates. “Oo-okay, you too old!”

“I sure am!” And I laugh heartily.

As I get off at my stop, she has rejoined the giggling gaggle. She waves at me through the closing doors. “Bye, boyfriend!”

I’m tempted to respond, “Bye, pootie-pie!” But I just give my most winning smile and head for school, only one thought running through my head: Yaks, malandi!


  1. valkyrie says:


    gosh, ordo… you’re a hottie. i take back the number 30 ranking in candy mag. make that #28.


  2. wyclif says:

    Maybe they mistook you for some hot rapper…perhaps Nelly?

  3. rowster says:


  4. lupuS says:

    She must have been a Barry fan.

  5. Dude, You’re 26?????

  6. Jesper says:

    I saw Pretty Woman last night. This is the same innocent charm :)

  7. sophie says:

    cutie kasi si pau. :)

  8. rowster says:

    The good news, my friend, is that you look young for your age. And that’s always a good thing.

    The bad news is that you’re going to have to go around the U.S. with a sign saying “I’m 26! I’m 26!” hanging around your neck if you want to picked up by pretty girls within our age range. Heheh! Just kidding!

  9. Markmomukhamo says:

    Attempted cradle snatching ain’t a crime. :)

    Belated Happy Birthday!

  10. nathan says:

    dude. this happens to me all the time. i mean all the time. oh wait…um, just kidding. it rarely happens to me.

    hey, have you submitted your site to the msnbc weblog central? someone sent mine in and i got on! it was kewl. i got like an extra 100 hits a day for the week that i was linked to them. check it out sometime on msnbc.

    very nice blog. i’ve been coming for about 3 months. consider me impressed.

    peace of christ…

  11. Raffy says:

    Why is it you get hit on by giggling school girls and I get propositioned by hookers? Is it my deodorant…or lack thereof?

  12. ganns says:

    LOL Raf!

    It’s the Ordoveza charm, I tell you! The Ordoveza charm!

    His name was Brownpau

    He is a hottie

    No colored feathers in his hair,

    not a loose thread anywhere

    He looks like Barry

    a lot less scary

    It’s not his fault he looks so great

    Must be a Filipino trait

    And then the girls just stare

    He’s none too loose for wear

    He may not know the tricks

    After all, he’s 26

    At the Copa (Co!)


  13. Kyriosity says:

    ganns, you are now officially on my list of lyricist heros!

  14. ganns says:

    God bless you, Valerie! ^^,

    I also repented for making fun of Pau. I, too, know what it’s like to get mistaken for a cultural icon (albeit a Filipino one). If I had a buck for every time someone called me L.A. Lopez, I’d have a lot more to give in tithes.

  15. Paulo says:

    I’m so adding that song to my “praise for Brownpau.com” section.

  16. ganns says:

    I’m honored, Pau. =p