Labs na labs

Thanks to everyone who emailed, texted, or commented birthday greetings! This is probably the loneliest, least birthday-ish birthday I’ve ever had, but you all made it a bit brighter with every inbox ping and cellphone message beep.

After a quick jaunt home to nap, I’m back here in the lab. I’ve finished the Soylent Green typography project, and am watching Dr. Strangelove on DVD while the thing renders. Funny movie; Peter Sellers is a top-notch comedian, mein Führer!


  1. kitĀ says:

    26th, eh? as you approach the 3rd decade, each year blurs into the next one and the next (do i sound resigned? hehe)… it can be just another day or perhaps, a day to simply acknowledge the miracles in your life. smile, you’re cute!

  2. wyclif says:

    Happy Birthday. Mine’s tomorrow. How odd. ;-)

  3. Kyriosity says:

    Well, I TRIED to comment a happy birthday, but your comment system got flaky on me. So happy BELATED b-day.

    P.S. Don’t say happy birthday to Wyclif — he doesn’t like getting any attention about such things.