New T-Mobile Phone

Can you believe it? If you don’t pass T-Mobile’s credit check (I don’t have any credit yet), they lock you into one of only three possible subscription plans: Get More ($39.99/month), Get More Plus($59.99/month), or Sidekick ($39.99/month). Tempting though the Sidekick sounded, it would have meant an investment of over $800 for a year (unit included); far, far more than I am able to afford.

So I got another prepaid Nokia 3390. Not Gold, this time, but it has AIM anyway. T-Mobile customer service was kind enough to deactivate the old phone and transfer all my features and credits to this new one, but they couldn’t change my phone number. Still, I’m happy.

The Treo can wait. My current Palm has much life left in it yet.