Treo or Sidekick?

I called the cab company, and no one has turned in the phone. Since it’s prepaid GSM, anyone can just take out the old SIM and replace with his own, so I suppose it’s as good as gone.

Which leaves me with just one question: should I get a Treo, Sidekick, or just stick with the N3390 I was on before?


  1. yen says:

    well i think you should go for the Sidekick ;p.. looks a bit weird, tho but at least it has mostly everything you’ll need.

    i would suggest a Nokia 9290 Communicator! =D my bestfriend had that once (and lost it) .. and i think it’s once of the BEST phones NOKIA has ever come up with .. =D

    have fun shopping for cellphones ;p

    btw, when is ur birthday?! and how old are you gonna be ;p

    God bless!

  2. Mark says:

    Damn cabs! They’re like black holes for cellphones!

    Personally, I say Treo looks good…but if you can wait a bit, go for the Sony-Ericsson P800.