Just watched Insomnia. Dark, dark movie set in constantly bright summer Alaska, with Al Pacino powerfully portraying a dubiously principled Los Angeles cop. It amazes me, how Pacino is able to pull off these vicious, gritty roles again and again, without ever seeming cliché; I found his acting thoroughly convincing throughout the movie — and Robin Williams only slightly less so. Insomia is almost completely free of typecasting, triteness, or even good guys — though I felt some heart was missing from the whole masterwork, as I felt no emotional investment in any of the characters at the final, tragic end.

Or maybe it was just that I knew the ending beforehand. In any case, Christopher Nolan did a good job directing this one. Now I want to see Memento. (And that backwards Seinfeld episode, too.)


  1. The Dane says:

    GOt news for ya Pow. Pacino is always clichŽ. Every time. He’s a charicature of himself. Kinda like Jack Nicholson.

  2. Paulo says:

    It never seems that way to me, though. Not Pacino. (Well, okay, it started to get to me on Scent of a Woman…)

  3. Raffy says:

    Wow, Pau, your observation of the movie hit it exactly on the head. I felt the exact same way: Overall great acting, cool setting (insomniacs in 24 hours of sunshine), and a lack of emotional investment for the climax.

    Memento is a little better.

    Smaller budget = Less stuff to get confused with