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Smithsonian Folk Life Festival

Note: Those of you searching for info on the Festival, check out the Smithsonian’s official Folk Life Festival page. I’ve just returned from the Smithsonian Folk Life Festival on the National Mall, featuring the Silk Road Project. It wasn’t quite Disneyland, but the different international exhibits were quite interesting, and the food looked potentially good. […]

Klingon President Cheney

If VP Cheney were a Klingon, this would be the perfect opportunity to seize command. (Speaking of which, have you spoken Klingon lately? They even have an in-Klingon-only journal section.)


A few months ago, I was telling John (Where is John, anyway?) about the electric light-up “Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary” picture frames and wall clocks that you could buy off any corner sidewalk vendor back in Manila. I never did get to buy one, but Daniel of was able to get one […]

General Zod

Via MeFi, we have General Zod’s solution to the Pledge of Allegiance problem. “Kneel before Zod!”

Big Moon Illusion

Beautiful photos of the Moon occulting Saturn. Speaking of which, you know how the moon looks really big as it’s rising over the horizon? It’s all an illusion.

De Quiros on Doreen Fernandez

In Good Taste: Conrado de Quiros mourns the loss of Ma’am Doreen. They were classmates! The title of Doreen’s column said everything there was to say about it: “In good taste.” That wasn’t just the spirit in which she wrote, it was the spirit in which she lived. She made the ultimate fusion, combining seemingly […]

The Sarcastic Word of God

“If you’re being rude to be interesting, start again. If you’re being rude to boost your ego, start again. But above all, don’t cause divisions that haven’t already been caused by heresy.” Ben writes a biting Razormouth essay on being as rude as Jesus. This is of special interest to me because of a prior […]

Pledge of Allegiance Under God

By now, most everyone has had something to say on the “Under God” Pledge Ruling, so anything I say from either conservative or liberal lobe of my brain will probably be a redundancy. I’m a Baptist, and one of our foundational statements of faith is the separation of church and state: government should not dictate […]