Smithsonian Folk Life Festival

Note: Those of you searching for info on the Festival, check out the Smithsonian’s official Folk Life Festival page.

I’ve just returned from the Smithsonian Folk Life Festival on the National Mall, featuring the Silk Road Project. It wasn’t quite Disneyland, but the different international exhibits were quite interesting, and the food looked potentially good.

(I say potentially, because I never got to try any of that Afghan, Italian, Chinese, or Mongolian food. The lines were just too long, so I ended up just getting a hotdog. Yes, that’s right. Giant international exhibit with exotic food galore, and I ate a hotdog with mustard. Can you say Accidental Tourist?)

Josh helped clear up some of my bad history in the “Under God” comments thread. If I’d read the linked article properly, I would have seen it for myself. Thanks, Josh. :)