Spaceports cgi-bin linking problems

Tim and Raffy now have comments, the former through Sensus Plenior, and the latter through Enetation.

Several new links added, including but not limited to: Gary, Peps, SinglePinay, Reybelde, Nheo, and Yoshi. (Yup, lots of Pexers!)

Those last two links were a bit of a problem: you can’t hyperlink to sites hosted on the Spaceports “cgi-bin” server. Clicking this link, for example, will send you to a 404 page, but copying the link text and pasting it into your browser’s address bar will work fine. The limitation also prevents framing and hotlinking resources hosted on the cgi-bin server, and requires the use of a meta-redirect from a “regular” Spaceports page. Annoying, eh? That’s the reason I left Spaceports back in my free webhosting days.