Full Moon

There’s a big beautiful full moon shining in through my window from above the US Capitol. I’d like to take a picture, but I’m pretty sure my camera will show it as a tiny white dot. Anyway, if you’re on this side of the world right now, go take a look to the upper Southeast. It’s real pretty-lookin’ and all.


  1. XpiratecoreX says:

    It sure ’nuff is!

  2. tray says:

    yea. me and three friends actually walked to the lake front and saw the moon and the AWESOME reflection on lake michigan…. put our feet in the cold lake… and drew in the sand. ahh.. what a beautiful night!!

  3. angie says:

    i saw the same moon looming large and orange over the construction of the church of the gesu where sacred heart used to be.


  4. Chase says:

    ever stay in the watergate hotel?

    anyway, I have that problem a lot too. The moon and/or skies are just so great, but I know from past experience the picture won’t turn out. Sometimes I try anyway to the waste of film. Sometimes beauty refuses to be captured, but in memory.