Mozilla 1.0

Mozilla 1.0 has arrived. I just downloaded and installed it, and the browser works great. Certain CSS properties which were still unsupported as of 1.0rc3 are now supported (most notably the overflow: scroll property), and the whole system runs fine, without kinks or bugs. (Not as far as I can tell, anyway.)

What’s not so great is the mail application, which in some ways still works like the Netscape Mail of old. Most annoying is that it doesn’t give an option to qeue messages by default and send them later. (You can use the “Send Later” function and then select “Send Unsent” from the File menu, but that’s still less convenient than just setting an option to make it a default. There aren’t even keyboard shortcuts to speed up the process.

(But then again, that’s why this is an open-source project, isn’t it?)