DC with Ruffy.org

It’s been a fun and eventful Sunday. The choir sang Austin Lovelace’s God is My Strong Salvation; pretty easy piece, mostly unison, breaking into four parts for just a few measures. For communion we broke the standard Baptist tradition of passing around bread and wine- er, juice, in favor of having worshippers come to the table to collect bread, Catholic-style, then stand in a circle around the sanctuary as a community while we partook of the elements. Choir practice covered a pretty diverse range of song: Schubert, Bach, Handel, Jane Marshall, and Moses Hogan. Marshall’s My Eternal King was an especially challenging piece for us basses, with parts going as far down as low C and even a B-flat. I hit regions of my vocal chords I didn’t even know I had.

The afternoon was spent meeting up with Nic of Ruffy.org, who’s visiting Washington for business. We had lunch on Connecticut Avenue and went around for some sightseeing, from Dupont Circle, to the White House, to the Washington Monument, to the Air and Space Museum. Hey Nic, hope you had fun!

Well, while it’s still bright out, I think I’ll go sk8tng for a bit.