He jammed with the “Master”

Firsthand account of a former PBMA cultist who played heavy metal with their smokin’, boozin’ “Savior.”

We were also made to join group prayers where a chair draped in white cloth would be placed in front of us. I was told that Master (Ruben Ecleo Sr.) would be attending our prayers, at the same time that he goes to other prayer meetings elsewhere. He was omnipresent, or had the ability to be in different places at the same time….

When we were in our quarters in the mansion, I asked the PBMA official who came with us why PBMA members were not allowed to smoke while the master was allowed to.

“Just follow what he says but not what he does,” he replied. Besides, the master was the one absorbing the bad effects of nicotine and alcohol.

I saw how even the master was venerated by PBMA members. Whenever he went out of the mansion with a cigarette between his fingers, PBMA members would be on the lookout where he would throw the butt. Then they would scramble to get it because they believed it could help heal their ailments.