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I still run a webcam to keep an eye on the house while we’re out, and this week I found Martha making a special appearance in the archive. Both cats do like hanging around on tops of shelves lately. When they’re not looking out the window for birds. Or joining us at the dining table.

Zoo Day

Did the National Zoo for a day. As expected, there were animals, including Bao Bao the panda cub. Owls were in rare form at the bird house. A tiger was very interested in the zookeeper grinning through the reinforced doors. Meanwhile, one of these Sponsored Otters is not named like the others. Full zoo photo […]


Seriously, these cats.


Brought the cats to the vet today for their annual checkup and vaccine boosters. Here is how Martha looks at the vet: And here is how Amelia looks at the vet: Amelia has a bit of gingivitis and will need daily applications of gum gel. You can tell which cat was much less happy about […]


Sometimes Amelia Cat likes to hang out on a shelf and ambush me with a grab as I pass by. This reminds me that both cats are about due for a claw-trimming.


Martha has the face of a cat who has seen unspeakable things. Meanwhile, Amelia rests her head on my MacBook Pro’s hinge vent to get some warm air from the fans on cold days.


Here are Amelia’s polydactyl paws all clustered together while she sits in an empty IKEA bookcase. More paw-age follows:


Here’s what Amelia looked like in bed when I woke up this morning: While Martha was curled into a ball: And here’s Amelia again, daintily crossing her paws as she looks out from a bookcase: And both cats taking turns in a grocery store paper bag:


We have a plush USS Enterprise from Thinkgeek that Amelia occasionally plays with. This photo of her stalking it from below recently made it to Cute Overload:

Cat at Window, Cat on Desk

Here’s Martha by the window this morning, softly reflected in the glass: And here’s Amelia exploring a desk hutch after I had cleared it out for sale on Craigslist: