Tiger Cubs and Lollardy

I woke up early this morning to hop over to the National Zoo and look at the new Sumatran tiger cubs. Cute little felines, jumping around the habitat and pawing at each other, fearful of the water yet trying to ride on Mama’s back while she swam. In the neighboring habitat, the local male lion was sprawled over a ledge, sleeping through the morning despite the efforts of a little Indian girl to wake him up with mock roars from the viewing deck.

Daniel came over in the afternoon to pick up a bed frame, and after a spicy Thai lunch, we spent the afternoon walking around DC: starting with the WW2 Memorial, we went around the Tidal Basin to Jefferson and FDR, then through the trees to the DC WW1 Memorial, and down the Reflecting Pool to Lincoln. Dan’s an interesting, richly informed man with a rich and colorful history, and one can talk to him for hours on end on just about any topic under the sun. Which is what we did. Under the hot, burning sun. ‘Twas a fun day; I never get tired of walking the monuments.