Dead Rat

Early this morning, Luther (one of the stray kittens I take care of) killed a rather large rat and left it on the landing outside my apartment for me. When I opened the door this morning, I was greeted by a still-fresh carcass and a hopeful kitten.

Aawww! Wasn’t that sweet of him? He hadn’t even taken a bite yet!


  1. Richard says:

    Could we borrow your kitten for a while? We found a mouse at work, and it disappeared.

    (I understand, however, that there may be insurmountable logistical difficulties in carrying this out)

  2. Richard says:

    Oops, just realized I liked to a blog entry of mine that may have, um, adult content.

    You’ve been warned.

  3. valkyrie says:

    ah… cats! and the way they show their affection. i am reminded of my own cat in high school who had offerings every morning of the same type… by the kitchen.

    can’t he thank me another way? :)

  4. Paulo says:

    Rich – Adult content? I don’t see any… and what are “condoms”?

    [/childlike innocence]

    Ange – By the kitchen? If they’re freshly killed, pwede pang-adobo! Wala pang five minutes! ;D

  5. eWe says:

    Are you going to eat that mini gift? Not that I will, but are you?

  6. Paulo says:

    Oh, no! I already threw the rat in the dumpster yesterday. I still think it was a sweet gesture from Luther, so I took a photo before sweeping it up.

  7. doug says:

    Cha, a kiss from God! You are loved, my friend :-)

  8. tray says:

    AWWW.. how sweet. :-)

  9. chad says:

    can we see the photo of the rat

  10. Paulo says:

    I’ll upload it as soon as I finish this roll of film. (Still using a traditional camera.)