Delilah’s Den

There are a few establishments out there called “Delilah’s Den,” but in this case I’m talking about Delilah’s Den Pet Services in Falls Church, VA — named by Ester, the proprietor, for her late lovable cat Delilah. While Amy and I were away for Christmas and our regular petsitter neighbor was unavailable, I found Delilah’s Den on Craigslist and gave them a try for backup catsitting duties.

Ester is very thorough with the paperwork, which I appreciated very much, as she wants to be prepared with clearance for any cat-related (or house-related) contingencies. After the papers were all filled out, and a prepayment check and parking pass issued, we went off for the holidays. For a week, Ester came over everyday to give Pandora food, water, and a few minutes of active, playful attention; in addition she made sure our home was secure, and emailed updates on Pandora’s status. At the end of it we came home to a happy, healthy cat, well worth $10/day.

So Pandora the Cat recommends Delilah’s Den for Falls Church and Fairfax-area pet care:

Yawning Pandora