Orange kitten!

It’s been a good day. On my way to choir practice this morning, I saw the cutest orange kitten downstairs from my apartment. And he was soooo sweet, rubbing up against my hand and purring and being a generally cute dear. Aawww!!! I wanna cat of my own. But it’s not allowed in my apartment, and even then I’m not sure I have the time to care for one. (I did harbor a stray kitten once a few months ago, but she disappeared after two nights.)

Choir practice was fun. We spent the afternoon rehearsing and preparing for the Christmas cantata, complete with choreography, and it’s coming together nicely, praise God. We’re singing on Dec. 10. That’s just a week to go!

Right now I’m listening to Handel’s Tochter Zion. It sounds remarkably like a song we sang in my Catholic church choir way back in high school: Canticorum Jubilo. Whoops, the track’s over. That was fast. Just 53 seconds. Now it’s a rather slow rendition of Torelli’s Concerto in Gm Op. 8 No. 6. I think I’ll go back to this thing by Schmelzer: Sonata per chiesa et camera. Aaaahh, that’s nice. Strings, brass, and timpanis are always pleasant to listen to. I shall now get off the web and settle into bed to read Melanie Rawn’s Dragon Prince, while a cool, rainy night wind blows outside my window. G’night!