Last of the Litter

Sad news: Jasper the Cat has died, at the venerable old age of 20. You may remember Jasper from my time living in Baltimore — he was my old housemate’s cat, and Pandora’s brother. An active and affectionate gray tabby with a roguish penchant for the outdoors, Jasper was excitable opposite to his quieter, more reserved indoor sister. With both cats born from a litter of four, of whom the other two had died previously, Jasper’s passing leaves Pandora as last survivor of the litter.

jasp 0014.tiff Jasper at the Window

As for Pandora, 20 years old is impressive for a cat, but the age is not without attendant health and behavior issues, among them feline hyperthyroidism, renal dysfunction, litterbox aversion, and frequent regurgitation. Regular vet checkups are a must, and with regular medication she’s doing fairly well for such an advanced age. It’s not cheap, but it’s worth it; hopefully she lives for years longer still.

Happy Cat in Sunbeam