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Fire at Mile Long Building

Mile Long Building on fire. That was where I had my first job, interning as a Media 100 editor for Scene Stealers Productions, which was on that same floor that just burned up. My mom’s dentist is there too. I certainly hope they’re all still intact after this.

The Architecture of Doom

Just one link to offer from Crisis Century class yesterday: The Architecture of Doom, a brilliant documentary of esoteric insight into the artistic roots of Adolf Hitler’s ideology. His fixation on the “cleanness” of dramatically representational Western art, alongside his obsession with romanticized visions of the cultures of antiquity; with a dash of Eugenics twisted […]

Photos from Brian’s Wedding

My pencam didn’t do so great at Brian and Stacey’s wedding, but here’s the two shots that weren’t completely dark or blurry: the Garvers and Valerie and me and Wyclif. Now, the good photos are over at Laurel’s place.

Studies in Surveillance Subversion

Go to this webcam right now and watch me and my classmate Rame put on our virtual performance piece on surveillance and subversion. Update: Okay, we’re all done. Move along. Nothing to see here. We’re all gonna watch the State of the Union now.

Sassy Angel Asian Prince Kisses

Whlie learning Basic HTML last night in vandaWeb, we were introduced to these fine examples of advanced web design: Sassy Angel Kisses and Asian Prince 213. Yeah baby.

Satanists ain’t got no respect!

I think someone just called me a Satanist for not believing in Rebecca Brown and her Sacred Oil. My response is that even if she were not shown to be mentally unstable, a theology as Satanological as hers tends to lead to paranoid heresy-hunting which sees demons behind every corner, and results in an unbalanced […]

HTML Fun With Woody!

We had “vandaWeb” class today, with lessons in logging and capturing in Final Cut Pro, basic video compression in Quicktime, and beginners’ HTML. Our instructor, Woody, is a vibrant and jovial teacher, and I had great fun filming him in secret from the webcam in my lap. (Actually, but for a few key differences, Woody […]

Mag-Sarsi Ka!

“Di ka ba natatawa, o kaya’y nagtataka…” Hey, does anyone remember the rest of the “Angat Sa Iba” jingle from the Sarsi commercial? I remember archiving it back in my DVD authoring days; I probably should have saved a copy for myself. (`Twas this MeFi thread that brought it to mind.)

Virra Mall Bomb

Bomb defused in Virra Mall. Whoa. I practically grew up in Virra Mall; it’s just down the road from home in Greenhills, and I used to skate down there every week for school supplies, comics, clothes, Tae Kwon Do lessons, and busloads of (ahem) “demo” software CD’s. A bombing in that crowded, decades-old fire hazard […]