Beep beep!

From: Mom

ive sent u mango jam. keep d nice plastic containers, will get it from you when i go der coz will refill them. strong kasi my ilocano blood.

Yup, I’m part-Ilocano. This text message explains why I’m so obsessed with washing and keeping even the smallest disposable plastic food holders. Utensils, too.


  1. nathan says:

    that’s from your mom, dude? i wish my mom talked like that.

  2. Paulo says:

    It’s a text-message (SMS). When you’re limited to 110 characters per message, you have no choice but to talk like that. :D

  3. Raffy says:

    I was half-Ilocano until I went here, now I’ve adopted the American way of throwing everything non-disposable away. He he.

    BTW, a weird thing was happening to the comment, track, etc. links below your entries. The links were mirrored on the opposite end of the blog, except they were invisible. I’m using Mac IE, does that mean anything?

  4. Raffy says:

    And I was just kidding about being Ilocano. All I know is my Grandma was from Pampanga (although she can’t cook to save herself) and my Grandpa is from Batangas (or Tagaytay, I can never remember).

  5. rowster says:

    You’re half-Ilocano? Funny, I never knew that before! So am I. :P You should see the collection of plastic ice cream containers in my house … as well as the plastic containers for take-out Chinese food ….

  6. krn says:

    my father-in-law must be part ilocano too coz he collects plastic spoons and forks from jollibee & mcdo. pack-rat!

  7. Noelle says:

    My dad is such a pack-rat, but I never connected it to the fact that he’s Ilocano–until now. We have unused electric fans and other electronics lying around. I think I inherited the instinct, too. Ü

  8. rowster says:

    It doesn’t end there. I have fond memories of following Ilocano relatives all over the metropolis, to look for the best bargain–the cheapest grocery store, the cheapest Japanese restaurant …. It doesn’t matter if the cheapest supermarket is five cities away and the cost of the gasoline obliterates whatever savings you had anticipated …. The point still is, the more you can save, the better ….

  9. Daniel says:

    Talk about pack-rats. My father-in-law spends his weekends acquiring other people’s junk. He goes bargain-hunting at yard sales around town and goes home and stuffs his garage and backyard with stuff he will never ever use.

    Paulo, I didn’t know you were also half-Ilocano. I’m half-Bicolano. So that makes me Bilocano. =)