Mag-Sarsi Ka!

“Di ka ba natatawa, o kaya’y nagtataka…” Hey, does anyone remember the rest of the “Angat Sa Iba” jingle from the Sarsi commercial? I remember archiving it back in my DVD authoring days; I probably should have saved a copy for myself. (`Twas this MeFi thread that brought it to mind.)


  1. Raffy says:

    A friend’s relative used to “work” for Cosmos. I’ll see if he remembers the ad since they got boatloads of the stuff for free.

    But that was a cool campaign, though. Resurrecting the aging soda drink and repackaging it for a more dynamic audience (kind of like what Pepsi keeps trying to do). They didn’t do a bad job. I just wish I had some proof of the promotion’s early 90s sensibilities.

  2. Petra says:

    the parts that I remember:

    …umurong man o sumulong,

    ang nasa harapan mo’y yun ng yon…

    uulan, aaraw, lulubog, lilitaw

    isipin mo mang maiba,

    nama’y katulad din nila

    wag na lang nating piliting

    matulad sa atin, kapatid

    pilitin mo ngang maiba (?)

    paminsan minsan ay baguhin…

    darn, that’s about it, i’m not even sure if I got the words right…Let me know when you get the full lyrics :)