The Architecture of Doom

Just one link to offer from Crisis Century class yesterday: The Architecture of Doom, a brilliant documentary of esoteric insight into the artistic roots of Adolf Hitler’s ideology. His fixation on the “cleanness” of dramatically representational Western art, alongside his obsession with romanticized visions of the cultures of antiquity; with a dash of Eugenics twisted by extreme Darwinist supposition — these were among the primary conceptual influences of the Nazi genocidal superiority complex.

This film should be an especially poignant eye-opener to kneejerk Godwinist anti-theists who are over-quick to dismiss Nazism as the fault of Anti-Semitic Christians’ religious belief. A detailed study of Hitler’s artistic fixations shows that religion had far less to do with it than his own preoccupation with the supposed “superiority” of classic Western art, as well as his dreams of reviving the perfect race, based on an erroneously overblown concept of the Roman Empire, the Greek city-states, and other civilizations of antiquity.

Oh, and Cowboys and Indians, too.