A Barukatash Wedding

Congratulations to Brian and his new wife Stacey, who were married yesterday. We got together with Valerie, the Garvers, and Daniel to fill up the Bloggers’ Pew at Valley Presbyterian, and later the Bloggers’ Table at Oak Crest.

Through the course of the day, I tried my first Gin and Tonic (so as to establish myself as a True Hitchhiker) learned that the “Here Comes the Bride” introductory wedding march was by Wagner (as opposed to the Midsummer Nights’ wedding march by Mendelssohn), saw the good professor do the Twist and YMCA, texted Kristen for dordting tips, and found that Daniel and I share the same dancing habits — that is, get on the floor and shuffle for 30 seconds, then go back to the bar for more hors’d’oeuvres and gin and tonic.

Quite a fun and full day, and I wish Mr. and Mrs. Barukatash all the love and joy in the world.