Got a Zire!

Looking back at my handheld concerns, I started wondering what I really needed, especially on my limited budget. Combo cellphone? Not really; my N3390 is more than enough for now, and my prepaid scheme is far more cost-effective for my current lifestyle. Getting the postpaid subscription which would come with a new PDA-phone would mean the added hassle of a monthly bill and a new phone number. I can do without something like that for another year or so.

SD expansion slot with color screen? Why bother, when I already have my iBook with its SD Card reader on hand? It’s not that crucial that I be able to see my Pencam photos ASAP. They can wait a couple of hours.

All things considered, all I truly need is basic PDA functions (calendar, addresses, to do list, memo pad) with easy OS X compatibility. Minor games and a PalmOS Bible aside, I don’t even need more than a couple of megabytes of storage.

So I bought a Zire. Small, simple, easy transitional handheld device. And the white casing matches with the iBook perfectly. This should last me a year or two, till better and cheaper PDA’s come out to suit my needs. (Oh, with a penlight stylus to compensate for the lack of a backlight.)


  1. Rod says:

    At my office, we are looking to get snazzy new Blackberry PDA/cellphone devices for the high muckety-mucks. Too bad high muckety-mucks can barely understand the concept of email. Pearls before swine.

  2. Raffy says:

    Ah, the Zire. Their design for it was probably to accompany Apple’s, with white being a nice new “professional” shade for electronics.

    Nice choice, though. It’s still cheaper than getting a Handspring with the SD springboard module.

  3. Raffy says:

    Wait, no backlight? Is that how Palm cuts corners nowadays?

  4. chad says:

    Do you like your Nokia 3390? Which prepaid scheme do you use? I”m thinking about getting a prepaid cell phone… any tips?

  5. Raffy says:

    Chad — if you can opt for a Nokia 3395 instead, go for it. My 3390 has been giving me lots of problems. Plus, with the 3395, you get a web browser (in case you feel like, uh, browsing).

  6. chad says:

    right on