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Indiana Jones, Metafilter, and brownpau

Speaking of mainstream media, I just got passing mention in E!Online, for a MeFi quip I made about the new Indiana Jones movie in the works. (Scroll down to the part where the article quotes from Metafilter.) I sure hope Harrison Ford doesn’t read it and get pissed at me. “Isn’t Harrison Ford a bit, […]

Time Travel Spam Scam

I wonder if the time traveller spam message could possibly be related to the Time Vortex Activator scam (plans sell for $75!). There are a few similarities. A little more analysis here (scroll down a bit), and AccordionGuy has come up with a reply.

“Weblogs aren’t journalism. Period.”

“Weblogs aren’t journalism. Period.” Amen, Derek. I’m puzzled at how the mainstream media are treating blogs as some sort of revolutionary new “grassroots journalism,” when most blogs are about as related to professional journalism as poetry is related to biomolecular chemistry — it isn’t. Sure, there are news blogs and war blogs and other such […]

Motorola Timeport

My aunt bought a new cellphone yesterday, a Motorola Timeport. I gave it a try, and hated it; Motorola produces some of the kludgiest SMS interfaces I’ve ever used. Too many buttons to press just to get to a complicated and non-intuitive Create Message screen, awkward and buggy predictive text input (you have to struggle […]

Pentagon Conspiracy Theory

Ah, good, some sound and rational answers to the Pentagon conspiracy theory. (“Je ne vois pas un avion!”) Also an interesting piece of napkin math calculating the kiloton yield equivalent of the WTC collisions and collapse. Hmmm, 1.9 kilotons and 3.5 kilotons respectively? Just for comparison, here’s a 1 kiloton fission detonation from the nuclear […]

Thoughts of Muslim Youth

It’s a bit disturbing, how many Muslim youths in this Islamic message board are seriously and strongly supportive of Usamah Bin Laden and war against the “infidels.” Know, fellow Americans, that this is how we are represented to the world of the Middle East. (link via Tal G.)

Fight Spam

Win the Spam Arms Race by learning how to encode your email address. Okay, that’s it for today. Good night. Er, morning.

Changelog 30 May 2002

Okay, I think I’m done. If you run into any problems, please let me know. Here’s what’s changed: • Blog layouts now run from a PHP randomizer and a set of includes in index.php, rather than the old javascript redirect and .shtml indexes. Now you only need to click Reload to see another design. Lots […]

Battleground God

Battleground God: a challenging quiz game to test your consistency regarding matters of Deity. Excerpts from my results: Congratulations! You have been awarded the TPM medal of distinction! This is our second highest award for outstanding service on the intellectual battleground…. The fact that you progressed through this activity without being hit and biting very […]

All Changing

It’s all changing. Please ignore any transitionary snarkiness, especially on the new inside layout.