Bagong gupit!

In the Philippines, whenever I walked into the office with a new haircut, the first thing out of most anyone’s mouth was usually, “Hey, new haircut!” (Or, “Uy, bagong gupit!”) Here, however, no one in office or in church has made any comment. Is it a cultural thing?


  1. Vix says:

    I think it is a cultural thing – it’s showing friendliness when you notice something new about a person. Yet i haven’t gotten any comments on my new haircut :(

  2. ganns says:

    ako na lang sasabi, pau:

    “Uy! Bagong gupit! Gwaping!” ^^,

  3. The Dane says:

    Actually, I’m willing to bet that people just haven’t noticed. And when (if) they finally do, they wonder how long you’ve had your “new” haircut and simply keep silent in case you got it two weeks ago. No one likes to look like they don’t notice things. But they don’t.

  4. Raffy says:

    The question is: Is it a GOOD haircut? They may just be trying to be polite.

    Pau, I’m kidding. This remark is coming from a guy who shaves his head.

  5. benboy says:

    try dyeing ur hair purple… =)

  6. Manuel says:

    Look at the bright side — You’re safe from potential comments like: “WOW! G@gong gupit ah!” or “Sinong barbero mo? Gusto mo, bugbugin natin?” =)

  7. krn says:

    re: raffy’s comment. hahahahaha!!!!!!