Un Chat con El Caballo Muerto

Man-on-the-street chat with a now-white Dead Horse:

brownpaudotcom: Hey Seth, I’m texting u from Georgetown! whee!

TheLobstersClaw: Whee!

TheLobstersClaw: I was just on your site Whee!

TheLobstersClaw: and now I’m reading about hoopla.com

brownpaudotcom: Any luck with that Frances Filat character?

TheLobstersClaw: I wrote a response to her second email and posted it! I have no idea who she is, but she makes me laugh so I like her:-)

brownpaudotcom: hmph. you’re just encouraging her … ain’t it fun? :D

TheLobstersClaw: Yeah! I pass around her letters at work and we all laugh and laugh

TheLobstersClaw: p.s. I thought your ERAP joke was funny

TheLobstersClaw: but then I the kind of person who encourages people to be absorbed into filth

brownpaudotcom: u shock me with your concupicent indignity!

TheLobstersClaw: do i? I’m sorry *goes take cold shower*

brownpaudotcom: u shock me with your cold shower!

TheLobstersClaw: brr… me too

TheLobstersClaw: I hate cold showers

TheLobstersClaw: I’ll go back to being concupiscent

brownpaudotcom: Erap’s fans simply can’t pass up a chance to go all…

brownpaudotcom: self-righteous. it’s 1 reason our country is the way it is.

brownpaudotcom: making it esp. fun to tweak them.

brownpaudotcom: Sorta like Frances.

TheLobstersClaw: heh heh… really though, I don’t even know who erap is. But I got the humour apart from association.

TheLobstersClaw: I gather he’s a bad man

TheLobstersClaw: except without the rectal bleeding

TheLobstersClaw: and strange familial associations

TheLobstersClaw: although frances has a strange hold on her daughter… y’never know these days

brownpaudotcom: I’m at the Abercrombie in G.Town. ugh. these prices…

TheLobstersClaw: I’ve never been to one of those…

TheLobstersClaw: but I did enjoy the t-shirts they pulled from the martket recently

brownpaudotcom: you’re not missing much. im out of the mall now. still can’t find those hats.

TheLobstersClaw: you should go for the hip-hop doofus look

TheLobstersClaw: is it cold in Wash or somethin’?

brownpaudotcom: not today, but it changes evry 5 mins.

TheLobstersClaw: weird… that’s one reason I like livin where i does

brownpaudotcom: oh fine… im at Urban Outfitrs, lookinj at hiphop doofus hats.

TheLobstersClaw: hahahahahahAHAHAHAHAHAH

brownpaudotcom: ACK! 4get it. they’re $20!

TheLobstersClaw: Where a handtowel on your head

brownpaudotcom: no! i will find those Pakistan hats! btw, save this chat and blog it, or mail it to me.

TheLobstersClaw: surely:-*

brownpaudotcom: YES! i found the hats!

TheLobstersClaw: Boo! Me want hip hop brown pau

TheLobstersClaw: Me want funny little man hat

TheLobstersClaw: Me need purple pants

TheLobstersClaw: Well, I need to go find some breakfast and pay a bill… you have fun with your hat

brownpaudotcom: Ok, cya.

TheLobstersClaw: :-*