Searching for a Hat

I’m in Georgetown right now, searching for a little South Asian imports shop I saw a few weeks ago. There’s a certain type of Pakistani wool hat I’m looking for, which does a great job of keeping my head and ears snugly warm on cold nights, without making me look like a hip-hop doofus. If I can only find that shop.

“If he’s in Georgetown looking for Pakistani hats, what’s he doing on the Internet, then?” some of you may be wondering. Well, that’s the other chore for today: download Mozilla 1.0 rc 1 and an old copy of Netscape 4.x at Kinko’s. And we mustn’t forget Lynx, though that hardly needs a broadband connection to download.

Hmmm. Netscape’s archives don’t seem to be working. I’ll just have to use the links from the SillyDog archive instead.