On Speed Ramping

I can tolerate seeing Matrix-style speed ramping (a.k.a. “Bullet Time,” the speedup-slowdown time effect, often with an abrupt transition from fast to slow) used in every other commercial for cars and roller coasters, but the way the effect was abused in When Animals Invade Your Home was just plain silly.

Some tips for you video editors out there: first of all, speed ramps don’t look good with walking people or animals, and using footage shot on video rather than high-speed film makes it even worse. Indiscriminate speed-adjustments on video footage tend to create jarring, jerky movements, more so if your keyframes are out of sync at the transition between the fast and the slow clips. When slowing down your footage on lower-end editing machines, always do it at increments which maintain an integer of frames per second, else you’ll get that same jerky movement effect caused by poor frame interpolation. When in doubt, use halfs and fourths.

Not that I have a very big audience of video editors out there, anyway. :P


  1. Jim says:

    You’ve got at least one, though an ex-editor he be. Someday… Large amounts of capital and some new equipment, and it’s back to the video world…

  2. Raffy says:

    Make that two.

    Speed ramping for When Animals Invade Your Home?! Cheesy and inappropriate.

    Also, if you want to get a decent speed change when you using video, use AfterEffects’ “time” filter (the name of which I have forgotten).