Boba Fett

There’s a Boba Fett Fan Club? How could there be so much infatuation over a character who has barely any exposure across two Star Wars movies? Hired by Darth Vader, tracks down and captures Han Solo, dies in the Sarlacc pit. That’s it! So where does the rest of this romanticization come from? What is it that causes fans to think Boba Fett is cool?


  1. Raffy says:

    Good question. Maybe it’s identifying with the underdog. Maybe it’s due to the idea of a free-range bounty hunter doing it for money. Or maybe it’s because Billy Dee Williams already had a fan club…

  2. Rich says:

    Maybe it’s because of Boba’s relation to Episode II. His origins are to be explained in the prequel. Quite a mysterious character. Not much screentime during the first set but has made quite an impact. Anyway, for Episode II, the ‘clones’ are apparently genetically engineered Jango Fett’s–Boba’s father. So, maybe it’s for this reason, or his cool jetpack.Ÿ

  3. The Dane says:

    The original allure of Fett’s character was a producut of the toy line released circa Empire. His action figure just looked so much cooler than all the others that this whole mythos grew up around him and authors of subsequent Star Wars lit had to rescue him from the Sarlaac’s maw.