Indiana Jones, Metafilter, and brownpau

Speaking of mainstream media, I just got passing mention in E!Online, for a MeFi quip I made about the new Indiana Jones movie in the works. (Scroll down to the part where the article quotes from Metafilter.) I sure hope Harrison Ford doesn’t read it and get pissed at me.

“Isn’t Harrison Ford a bit, um, old for this? Or will Ben Affleck be playing his character too?” quipped one fan named brownpau, alluding to Affleck taking over Ford’s Jack Ryan role in The Sum of All Fears.

I’m in an internet cafe in the Dupont Circle area right now because I don’t have a key to the house, I don’t know where my aunt and uncle are, and my cellphone battery is dead. I’ve been wandering the streets of Washington like a homeless derelict.