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Cold snaps and polar vortices have been dropping temperatures down to single digits (ºF) lately, forming these lovely sheens of frost on the car windshield; it almost seems a shame to have to scrape them off. (And at least once the frost was on the inside.)

Twelfth Winter

The snow started out picturesque, dry flakes coating the business parks and parking lots of suburban North Virginia. It wasn’t quite as picturesque the next day, and thawing and refreezing turned the parking lots into skating rinks. Then came the Polar Vortex (fortunately after a relatively warm rain and melt that removed the parking lot […]

Haiyan Updates

This Christmas, spare a thought for those in the Philippines still reeling from Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda last month, and for all who suffer hunger, oppression, loneliness, and want. More material on the typhoon to add to my original Haiyan post:


The snowstorm started while we were at church in DC two Sundays back, big wet flakes leaving a dusting on the ground by the White House. I used my new iPhone 5s to try and get slow motion clips of the snowflakes as they fell. Later in the day the snow changed to sleet and […]

Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda): Ships Aground and Ways to Help

An email I sent for distribution at my church, First Baptist DC, answering queries about typhoon relief contribution opportunities for fellow Baptists here in the USA after Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda. Following the call for donations I’ve also included a gallery of ships run aground during the typhoon, a display of the fury of the storm.

Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda)

Typhoon Haiyan (PAGASA name Yolanda) struck the Philippines on November 7th, devastating islands in the Visayas, flattening whole towns and villages, and killing thousands. With sustained winds of 195 mph and gusts up to 235 mph, it was the strongest tropical cyclone on record to make landfall.

Snow to Slush to Mud

I took these three photos within five days of each other, from Jan 25 to Jan 30, 2013, at the outlet of Rock Creek and the C&O Canal to the Potomac River. (The outlet, a “gate to the water,” so to speak, gave rise to the name of those famous buildings in the background.) We […]

Hurricane Sandy

Sandy was an epic storm: a tropical cyclone interacting with a strong Northeaster, a kinked jet stream, warm Atlantic waters, and a full moon, all combining into a massive tropical — and later post-tropical — cyclone that veered west from the Atlantic into the East Coast, hitting the northeast US hard with strong wind, heavy […]

“Snowmageddon” 2010

In February of 2010, warm water from a moderate Pacific El Niño fed moisture to a south-shifted jet stream, which brought the moisture into contact with a strong, cold, negative Arctic Oscillation over the Eastern United States — which for us meant snow, and lots of it. In what would be variously termed “Snowmageddon,” “Snowpocalypse,” […]

Snowstorm of Dec. 2009

Dec. 19th brought a historic snowstorm to the DC area, dumping almost two feet of snow in our immediate locality in North Virginia and surpassing in overall impact even the Feb 2003 snowstorm in Baltimore. We were pretty much snowed in for that whole weekend, but we did venture outside to survey conditions for a […]