DC Thunderstorms

WaPo: Rain Wreaks Havoc. Low-lying areas of the DC region have been flooded by strong, soaking thunderstorms, and the rain is still going. CapitalWeather reports on flash flood warnings all over the place, and ReadExpress has a surreal photo of a flooded intersection right by the base of the Washington Monument hill. I’m glad I’m not doing that whole DC/Baltimore trip anymore — think of the poor suburbanites who must negotiate Beltway mudslides and other commuting horrors tonight.

I’m already wondering if the escalators in the unsheltered Dupont Circle Bowl are still running. Maybe I should head straight for the south entrance, which has a canopy to protect its escalators.

(It’s just like monsoon season in Manila! I can almost hear Amado Pineda talking about the Intertropical Convergence Zone. “Dat’s da lehtest … prom PAGASA.”)