What? December Already?

It was cold and windy yesterday. I slept in most of the day thanks to nagging nasal congestion, but felt good enough in the afternoon to brave chill and wind to get some work done. Temperature was at freezing (32°F) by the time I left the office last night, with a stiff wind biting right through my layers. And to think that just two weeks ago, we were in the 70s. See what my thermometer has been saying (upper reading is from the outdoor probe sticking out the window):

Mid-November Late November Early December
Low 70s Low 40s Mid 20s

(For you Celsiusites, that’s about 22°C, 6°C, and -3°C respectively. I plan to call this Temperature Blogging, or “TLOGGING.” It’ll be so revolutionary.)

As with the year before last and the year before that, it looks like the season’s first snow will be coming on or around the 5th of December, though it may not be a blanket and it’s going to be a blanket.