Cold and Snow

I used to think as a child that the moment the mercury dropped below 32°F, it would automatically start snowing. Imagine my disappointment when I found out that precipitation is not a direct function of temperature.

Anyway, after three days of lab work, I arrived home this afternoon to a 50°F room. Outside, it’s half that. Hot chocolate time.


  1. Nathan says:

    i spent the holiday in michigan, where we received about 10 inches of beautiful snow and low teens temperatures. it was great. now i’m back on the east coast where i go to grad school with a buncha californians and southerners. we have no snow, tons of sunshine, and mid-30’s temps. these guys are going nutz thinking their heads are going to freeze. i say, they’re all wusses. :)

  2. walljm says:

    Snow… is nice. Cold… is not. I wish it would stay fall all year round… that would be nice.