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Jupiter and Creation II

This news about Jupiter is a bit old; I wrote about it over a year ago, with some Creationist ruminations.

More Excellent Name

From Mark Byron’s latest Edifier du jour, this phrase jumps out: “…having become as much better than the angels, as He has inherited a more excellent name than they.” (Heb 1:1-5) According to Mark Byron, “Jesus does have a more excellent name than any angel, but the word ‘name’ means more than what we commonly […]

Going to SFO for Christmas

I’m going to be in San Francisco this December for a good friend’s wedding, and I’ll be staying through Christmas till the 26th at my brother’s place in Foster City. Anyone want to meet up? I intend to be a blatant sightseeing tourist, complete with camera around my neck, loud Hawaiian shorts, and hairy legs.

More Rubenian Frothing

More Rubenian frothing in an age-old comments thread. Gosh, they really do seem to believe their rockin’ boozin’ cult leader is the reincarnated Christ. Anyone care to disabuse them of that faulty notion? “At that time if anyone says to you, ‘Look, here is the Christ!’ or, ‘There he is!’ do not believe it. For […]

Busy Thanksgiving

Well, it has been one long, tiring Thanksgiving, what with the massive network of friends and relatives my uncle and aunt went to visit today. Turkey was to be had in four different houses, but I skipped the fourth leg of the trip in favor of hanging out with some cousins* to watch Die Another […]

“You Are All Wrong.”

I wish I could conduct a Bible study like the Dane’s. Then maybe I would be worthy of the rave reviews that Lollardy has been getting. Update: Oh, joy! The Rubenian “Divine Master” himself has given me rave reviews! ;)

The Work of Natalie Bookchin

Since the topic of my research paper is net artist Natalie Bookchin, I’m going to be living, eating, and breathing her work all through the holiday while I write up 6-8 pages on the phenomenology of her art vis-a-vis the role of new media in the formation of a new postmodern cultural psyche. (No, I […]

Hiking at Robert E. Lee Memorial Park

Most of this beautiful Sunday was spent hiking around Robert E. Lee Memorial Park with a few members of Koinonia, MICA’s Christian students’ fellowship. It was a great time to walk out among the trees, sit down on the crisp leaves, and picnic on cheese and crackers by the amber light of an autumn sunset. […]

Busy Busy…

Projects and papers in every direction I look: – Thesis class: Research paper on Natalie Bookchin and her – Crisis Cenntury class: Paper and/or multimedia presentation on blogs in the context of new media and modern culture. – Motion Typography class: Three 10-sec. idents for a fictional videoke channel, involving type, photos of people […]

Autumn Leaves

Leaves carpet the ground in Robert E. Lee Memorial Park, Baltimore. Photo taken with an Aiptek Mini Pencam 1.3MP.