Going to SFO for Christmas

I’m going to be in San Francisco this December for a good friend’s wedding, and I’ll be staying through Christmas till the 26th at my brother’s place in Foster City. Anyone want to meet up? I intend to be a blatant sightseeing tourist, complete with camera around my neck, loud Hawaiian shorts, and hairy legs.


  1. sara says:

    i’m not anywhere near california, but sometime i should drive down and meet you. you know, just for fun. meet the guy behind the witty and intellectual posts at bp.com

  2. Daniel says:

    I’d like to meet up with you, Pau. Your brother lives across the bridge (San Mateo) from our place here in Fremont, CA. Hopefully you’ll have the chance to worship with us one Sunday.

  3. Rhesa says:

    San Fran is my turf, so if you’d like to meet up somewhere to catch a movie or a mocha, I’d be happy to oblige. Beyond the usual pre- and post-Christmas hysteria, I think this is doable…

  4. The Dane says:

    It’s too bad you’re leaving on the 26th. And that you’ll be all the way up in SF :-(