Stop Hoping.

When all it takes is a couple of months for someone to discard eight years of love and commitment, you have to wonder what those eight years were really made of. You have to wonder.

And then it takes a while to start feeling the pain from a wound this deep.

Paulo, you really should stop hoping. Stop. Stop hoping. It only hurts to hope. Don’t hope. Don’t let yourself hope. You’ve lost far, far too much. Hoping will only cause you to lose it all over again. Stop hoping. Don’t hope.

I don’t know what to pray for anymore, I don’t know what to hope. I can only sit and wait in a puddle of tears and know that the Lord is on his throne.


  1. Richie says:



  2. Kyriosity says:

    I had a friend (guy, but non-romantic) of about 15 years who decided to end our friendship after a conflict. Obviously not the same situation that you’re in, but I suspect the devastation I felt was something like what you’re feeling, but perhaps not to the same degree. Hopelessness is definitely an apt description of it. I’m praying daily for you.

  3. Faith says:

    do not ever part with hope.

    to cut to the chase, I broke up with my boyfriend of 7 years after going through much confusion and crises but after a number of months and having sorted through all the convolutions, I came to the realization that all I needed was that time alone to put things in the right places (without anyone else’s influence) …and thank goodness, he was relentless in reminding me that if I ever wanted him back, all I had to do was ask.

    We are now taking one day at a time and very thankful for not resorting to losing hope.

  4. Maisa says:

    Although I don’t blog, I drop by your site every once and a while. Am surprised and sad for you at these turn of events.

    I pray that you will find the strength to overcome. These things will pass in time, though I doubt that it will be forgotten. The world turns and waits for no man, much to our sorrow. We can only hope to gain in wisdom as we change along with it.

  5. trixy says:

    things that are meant to be will always fall into place in its own time… do not give up, but then again do not hang on to things that will only drag you down. you have to slowly let go…

  6. Francis says:

    In prayer for you, Paulo, that your wounded heart and mind will be healed and made new. There’s still beauty in those broken shards that you offer to the Lord. You’ve known where to put your trust: in Him whose mercies are new every morning. He is faithful. May you be at peace.

  7. ganns says:

    *hug* Oh Pau…!

    “Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.” – 1 Peter 5:7