By the way, I’ve unofficially nicknamed my iBook V’Ger “iPau.”

That way, in the unlikely event it goes wacky on me, I can say, in my best Persis Khambata impression, “V’Ger is not responding.” Har har!


  1. Kyriosity says:

    Like I said yesterday, Paulo — you’re the only person I know who is more digitlally addicted than I am. I have never actually named an appliance!

  2. okcalvin says:


    The digital announcers on New Geneva Radio are named “Sidney Babbage” and “Mary Lennox.” And then there’s Ananova…

  3. Oh man…you’re far gone as a Trekkie. :)

    I can’t wait to get my hands on the dvd version…the directors were particularly mean on Shatner or so I hear.