“Does Well at [Melting] the Poles”

At the South Entrance of Dupont Circle Metro Station in DC, there’s a poster ad for the Hummer, showing one of those yellow consumer humvees in an Arctic setting, with the blurb, “Does Well at the Poles.” Someone recently scrawled the word “MELTING” between “at” and “the.” Heh heh.


  1. Richard says:

    That’s way cooler than the “Say No to War Against Iraq” posters near my place. Someone put lines through the “No” and put “Yes” on all of them.


  2. Ben says:

    Any chance you could take a shot of it with your pencam Paulo. Would like to see it. Also I saw a picture in your weblog I really liked (the one of the underground station) any chance I can take a copy and use it?

  3. ruff says:

    I took pictures of two similar billboards in the Ballston Metro station in DC (actually Arlington)


    and also