AK 2735

A dark hatchbacked car, possibly a Honda, license plate AK 2735, just crashed into the back of my housemate’s van 20 minutes ago, leaving a huge dent in the rear and scraping the whole side, and pushing the van clear forward into the two cars in front. I was awakened by the bang of impact, and managed to get the license plate as the driver sped off in a none too sober fashion, right side of the car completely totalled.

The police are downstairs now. Hopefully they’ll find this loon before s/he kills someone. I only wish I had gotten the exact make of the car and state on the license plate.

Update: Neighbor next door saw the driver: white female. Probably some loaded partygoer fresh out of Fells Point. The police have come and gone, and we are left with a dented van and a souvenir from the perp: a large hunk of plastic from the front of her car which was left on the road by the van.

I’m drinking some hot apple cider and reading up on vi basics to soothe my nerves before I settle back into bed. What a town. What. a. town.


  1. cyberlizard says:


    enjoy… i guess. vi isn’t the most user-friendly editor. then again, emacs isn’t either, but a lot of people like it.