Hell Week

This morning — yesterday morning, I mean, since it’s past 1am — I finished up my kinetic photo shoot. “Kinetic,” because it involved my moving around and taking time exposure sequences on foot. The main sequence, for example, involved walking the full length of the National Mall, from the Capitol to Lincoln Memorial, taking a picture every two hundred or so steps. The resulting sequence, when animated, is a warp speed run down the Mall, zooming by the Washington Monument and Reflecting Pool before stopping at Lincoln Memorial. Revolving kinetic sequences around the Monument and various other DC landmarks were also done.

It was a good day for it. Much walking was done in the cold, cold wind, and it was fun to sit on the steps of the Lincoln or Jefferson Memorial and pull out my iBook to transfer photos on the fly. I’ve put most of them together into time-exposure animations in Director; now the challenge is to finish the rest of the multimedia project by Wednesday. Which is why I’m up at 1.30 in the morning, blogging from the MICA MA Digital Lab.

No rest for the weary.